Armani Bear from Castle "Winnie"

22 - Apr 2015



Today I visited Winnie from our "A" litter, who is already a beautiful big boy. There was a great joy, when we met again. You can find more pictures HERE.

Top Leonberger of the Year 2014

21 - Feb 2015



The National Association of Leonberger Breeders announced the results of the “Top Leonberger of the Year 2014”. Casey reached the 3rd place in category “Adult Female”. We’re really proud of her, and many congratulations for all of the participants!

12.02.2015. Budapest (H) CACIB

16 - Feb 2015


Judge: Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)

Afrojack Bear from Castle "Rocky" – Minor Puppy class – Very Promising 2
Arizona Bear from Castle "Rose" – Minor Puppy class – Very Promising 1
Casey Leoland vom Unterberg – Open class – Excellent 3

Also Angelina found her dreamfamily

03 - Dec 2014

At the last weekend Angie also moved to her final home, Baja (H). She’s got a fantastic family, we wish them many happy years together!
So everybody from the "A" litter has found his/her owner, we don’t have any available puppy at present.

Angelina Bear from Castle "Angie"
Braun Zsuzsanna
Baja (H)

Angelina is still looking for her loving home

23 - Nov 2014

Hi! My official name is Angelina Bear from Castle, but my present family calls me simply Angie. I’m a 11 weeks old little girl, 13,5 kg, and living in Hungary. All my brothers and sisters found already their dream-owner, but I still didn’t find the perfect one for me. That’s why I’m looking for a wonderful home, where I can love my family, and they will love me too, I promise. When we was borned, then I was the biggest baby in the litter, although I was the last one too. One of my brothers already overtook me, but I’m still a super strong, but a very kind girl, as my breeder said at least. I love playing with mom, or my littermates, and Jack too. Jack is a strange guy, he has very long body, and very short legs. I like standing on his back, and chewing his ears. Because of that he’s sometimes angry with me, and he try to scare me with his snow-white dentil, but I’m not afraid of him. I guess I forgot something…oooh yes, my role model…One time I would like to be such beautiful and smart doggie, like my mum. Because she knows always everything, and she’s big, and strong, and beautiful. You can find many pictures about my parents, grandparents, and about us too HERE. They are beautiful, are they? So I would like to be such a leonberger one time.
My breeder said me, that I can find owner easier, if I pose clever to the camera. So here you are, these are my 2 favourite pictures. You can find more ones HERE.

Armani moved also to his final family

16 - Nov 2014

At the weekend Armani "Winnie" also moved to his new owners to Budaörs, for Dr. Csákányi László and his family’s big pleasure. 🙂

Armani Bear from Castle "Winnie"
Csákányi Bálint
Budaörs (H)

Our puppies are flying off

09 - Nov 2014

Our puppies started to fly off at last weekend. They all went to wonderful families, where they are going to make each other happy hopefully for a long time. You can see on the pictures below, which of them who to, and where went. 🙂

Andersen Bear from Castle "Balu"
Varga Miklós és Hegyi Dóra
Szeged (H)

Afrojack Bear from Castle "Rocky"
Juhász Attila
Fót (H)

Anastasia Bear from Castle "Elsa"
Fülöp Katalin
Budapest (H)

Armstrong Bear from Castle "Nico"
Pintér Károly
Csömör (H)

Our puppies are 6 weeks old

22 - Oct 2014

Our puppies turned 6 weeks, they got their first vaccination, and all of them got their definitive pedigree name too. If you click on the pictures below, then you can see own gallery about every pups. One baby girl is still looking for her loving family, the others have already found their dream owners. More informations: "A" litter

We have born!!!

09 - Sep 2014

On Sunday morning Casey brought her first puppy into the world. She was fidgety all night, and the first baby was born at 07:16 finally, then her brothers and sisters followed her nicely in line. 3 girls and 4 boys were born altogether, the last one fell out at 15:30. Everybody is fine and healthy, including Casey. The pups are increasing nicely, you can find their weight-table at Litters. We are going to fill it up continuously, as they’re growing up.

New pictures about the mother-to-be

28 - Aug 2014

The long-awaited moment is coming, Casey’s pups are going to be born at the next week. The mother-to-be is very well, her paunch is bigger and bigger, so she spends more and more time with rest. At the last weekend we took some pictures of her, here they are:

1 14 15 16 17 18