HJCH Chicago Bear from Castle "Giorgio"

Chicago Bear from Castle "Giorgio"


Born: 19th August 2017.

Sex: male

Height: ?

Weight: ?

HD – ?, ED – ?

LPN1 N/N free, LPN2 N/N free, LEMP N/N free (by parents)

Thyroid ?, Heart ?

Eyes ?

DNA profile ?

Breeder: Bonifác Létai (H) – Bear from Castle Leonberger Kennel

Owner: Andrea Szakácsné Szigligeti (H)

Breeding exam: –


Matings: –

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18.05.2019.Salzburg (A) Club ShowIntermediateRes.CACAEvelyne Pambou-Makaya (F)Results
27.04.2019.Tata (H) Specialty ShowIntermediateRes.CACRita Pleibel-Seyffer (D)Results
24.03.2019.Salgótarján (H) CACIntermediateCAC, BOBPapp Vasile-Carol (RO)Results
10.03.2019.Graz (A) CACIBIntermediateRes.CACAThomas Walker (A)Results
09.02.2019.Budapest (H) CACIBIntermediateCAC, Res.CACIBHarsányi Péter (H)Results
08.02.2019.Budapest (H) CACIBIntermediateCAC, CACIBCsaba Zsolt Lokodi (RO)Results
27.01.2019.Nitra (SK) CACIBYouthExc2Tibor Havelka (SK)Results
26.01.2019.Nitra (SK) CACIBYouthExc3Viktor Shiyan (UA)Results
08.12.2018.Nitra (SK) CACIBYouthCAJCPapp Vasile-Carol (RO)Results
02.12.2018.Budapest (H) CACIBIntermediateCACDr. Kelemen Attila (RO)Results
21.10.2018.Komárom (H) Derby CACIBYouthHPJ, Hungarian Derby Winner, Best DerbyBaffia Zoltán (H)Results
20.10.2018.Komárom (H) Club ShowYouthHPJ, Junior Club WinnerNatalia Romanova (RUS)Results
20.10.2018.Komárom (H) CACIBYouthHPJ, Best JuniorTijana Konrad (SRB)Results
19.10.2018.Komárom (H) CACIBYouthExc2Stefan Sinko (SLO)Results
30.09.2018.Leonberg (D) Club ShowYouthExcDaniel Krebes (D)Results
22.09.2018.Malacky (SK) Specialty ShowYouthExc2Miroslav Václavík (CZ)Results
19.08.2018.Bratislava (SK) CACIBYouthExc3Simčič Jelka (SLO)Results
18.08.2018.Bratislava (SK) CACIBYouthExc2Baffia Zoltán (H)Results
14.07.2018.Szombathely (H) CACIBYouthHPJ, Best JuniorPierluigi Buratti (I)Results
09.06.2018.Agárd (H) CACYouthHPJHarsányi Péter (H)Results
19.05.2018.Szilvásvárad (H) CACIBYouthCannot be judged (Because of ring dressage)Dr. Kaszás Emese (H)Results
22.04.2018.Tata (H) Specialty ShowPuppyVery Promising 2Dr. Hargitai Gábor (H)Results



C.I.B. Hermann Hesse

HD – A/A free, LPN1 N/N free, LPN2 N/N free, LEMP N/N free

Height: 80 cm

Weight: 70 kg


Born: 1st July 2013.

Breeder: Clara Chiarini (I) – Simbalions Kennel

Owner: Clara Chiarini (I) – Simbalions Kennel

Breeding exam: All breeding rules filled

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Hermann HesseHermann Hesse


HCH, HSCH Casey Leoland vom Unterberg

HD – A free, ED – 0/0 free

LPN1 N/N free, LPN2 N/N free, LEMP N/N free

Thyroid clear, Heart clear

MPP: Iris-Iris, Distichiasis: not free

DNA profile

Height: 67 cm

Weight: 48 kg


Born: 7th November 2011.

Breeder: dr. István Jenei (H) – Leoland vom Unterberg & Marcali-Szépe Leonberger Kennel

Owner: Bonifác Létai (H) – Bear from Castle Leonberger Kennel

Breeding exam: Breedable

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Litters: "A",   "B",   "C"

Casey Leoland vom UnterbergCasey Leoland vom Unterberg