Armani moved also to his final family

16 - Nov 2014

At the weekend Armani "Winnie" also moved to his new owners to Budaörs, for Dr. Csákányi László and his family’s big pleasure. 🙂

Armani Bear from Castle "Winnie"
Csákányi Bálint
Budaörs (H)

Our puppies are flying off

09 - Nov 2014

Our puppies started to fly off at last weekend. They all went to wonderful families, where they are going to make each other happy hopefully for a long time. You can see on the pictures below, which of them who to, and where went. 🙂

Andersen Bear from Castle "Balu"
Varga Miklós és Hegyi Dóra
Szeged (H)

Afrojack Bear from Castle "Rocky"
Juhász Attila
Fót (H)

Anastasia Bear from Castle "Elsa"
Fülöp Katalin
Budapest (H)

Armstrong Bear from Castle "Nico"
Pintér Károly
Csömör (H)

Our puppies are 6 weeks old

22 - Oct 2014

Our puppies turned 6 weeks, they got their first vaccination, and all of them got their definitive pedigree name too. If you click on the pictures below, then you can see own gallery about every pups. One baby girl is still looking for her loving family, the others have already found their dream owners. More informations: "A" litter

We have born!!!

09 - Sep 2014

On Sunday morning Casey brought her first puppy into the world. She was fidgety all night, and the first baby was born at 07:16 finally, then her brothers and sisters followed her nicely in line. 3 girls and 4 boys were born altogether, the last one fell out at 15:30. Everybody is fine and healthy, including Casey. The pups are increasing nicely, you can find their weight-table at Litters. We are going to fill it up continuously, as they’re growing up.

New pictures about the mother-to-be

28 - Aug 2014

The long-awaited moment is coming, Casey’s pups are going to be born at the next week. The mother-to-be is very well, her paunch is bigger and bigger, so she spends more and more time with rest. At the last weekend we took some pictures of her, here they are:


06 - Aug 2014


We were yesterday on ultrasound examination, and we’re very happy. The result didn’t disappoint us, we could see more little leonbergers on the screen. Now we’re waiting excitedly for one month, and we hope, that Casey’s going to give birth to beautiful babies at the beginning of September.
More informations: Planned litters

Mating in Germany

09 - Jul 2014



Since Casey achieved all the necessary conditions for breeding, and at the end of June she started being on heat, so last week we went with her to Leverkusen, Germany. Fairytroll’s X-mas Elf Zodiac "Lasse" is living here, who we chose as Casey’s partner. That was a long drive, we traveled more than 2100 km altogether, but it was worth. The mating has happened successfully, and Lasse is more beautiful live, than on the pics, if that’s possible. Whether the meeting was successful, we’re going to know in early August after the ultrasound examination. The puppies are expected at the beginning of September 2014. We are accepting bookings in limited number, you can find our attainability at Contact. Please seek us only demanding, doglover families, who raise the puppy as family member. More informations: Planned litters


Fairytroll's X-mas Elf Zodiac "Lasse" Casey Leoland vom Unterberg

Great results

15 - Jun 2014

We had successful period, Casey achieved all the necessary conditions for breeding. The result of LPN1 test arrived from Switzerland, and Casey is LPN1 N/N free. Then we took part in a breeding exam, where she got title “Breedable”. This means, that if everything is going to be all right, she will can be expecting babies at the end of the summer, but if this will be timely, we will publish every informations. For now one more good news: Casey obtained Excellent 1, CAC in open class at Komárom CACIB. 🙂

19-21.04.2014. Szilvásvárad 3xCACIB

25 - Apr 2014

We spent the Easter weekend at the fantastic Szilvásvárad (H). We took a trip at many wonderful places, and attended one of the biggest national dog event of the year, the three-day Szilvásvárad CACIB dog show. We can take pride in super results again, Casey was great. On the first day, on Saturday our judge was coming from Uruguay. He was Jorge Nallem, and Casey got Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB from him. On the next two days Casey reached the largest success in her life, she obtained Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS by Dave Weller (GB) and Geoff Duffield (GB). This means, that Casey was the best female two times too. Congratulations to all the participants!
After the show the leonberger team took some pictures, from left to right: Casey Leoland vom Unterberg, Lions from Fairy Tale Alien “Mythos”, Namupalan Star Ruler “Alex”, Medvebergi Maszkos Excel, Winterhart-Weissgold Dorka-Dia and Medvebergi Maszkos E.T “Mancs”. Many thanks for the pictures to Mariann Csonka!

Leonberger results from the show:

29-30.03.2014. Nitra DuoCACIB

31 - Mar 2014

At the weekend we took part with Casey in a two-day CACIB show in Nitra, Slovakia. 18 leonbergers were entered both days, we met a lot of beautiful dogs. Casey was entered in open class, where 3 leos competed for the 1st place. Casey managed to win the victorious CAC title both times, and on the second day the judge gave also the Res.CACIB title to her. So Casey is for now undefeated in this year, we are very proud of her, and we trust in the similar successes in the rest of the year too. After the show we took some photos with a few of our hungarian friends in the beautiful weather. On the picture you can see from left to right: Medvebergi Maszkos Honey, Medvebergi Maszkos Excel, and Casey Leoland vom Unterberg. Many thanks for the photos to Eli Skovajsová Rosívalová, and congratulations to all the participants, it was a great show! 🙂

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