Rocky has gone

20 - Jul 2019

Rocky & Attila

C.I.B. MultiCH Afrojack Bear from Castle “Rocky”
7th September 2014 – 20th July 2019


I would like to painfully announce, that today we had to say good bye to our beloved Rocky. It is an extremely unfair goodbye, because Rocky was not even 5 years old. He didn’t live at me, but I showed him so much times, that I loved him as my own dog, not to mention he was born in my very first litter. Rocky was not just a beautiful dog, but he had a wonderful character as well. He loved every people, but he was attached to his owner so much, that I was barely able to show him on dog shows, because he was always looking for his human daddy. Rocky spent his last night very happily, he played a lot with the neighbour Husky girl, and ate his dinner with good appetite. There were no premonitions at all, that something was wrong, and yet, the nightmare of a dog owner has happened. A young boy with full of life has left us. It is truly shocking, because Rocky lived his life always at 200 % of energy level, and he was never tired, exactly like my Bomba. Now they are together, and this is the only thing, which makes this a little bit easier. They loved each other very much, and I know they will continue this friendship in heaven.
Dear my Rocky, rest in peace buddy, may we meet again!
I’m thankful that I can own your amazing daughter, Gaia, who can heal our wounds a little bit.